Your First Step to Winning the War On Toxins and Body Fat

Some Of The Best Advice

Good advice is hard to come-by, and even when this advice is available, few people follow it. This article offers some valuable insights to giving and getting advice.

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 19

Maybe we should consider the longevity from the position of the immortal. The previous article gave the beginnings of a description of such a thing, which I will repeat here:

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 20

In the earlier article I reached the conclusion that at all levels, the use of ambergris entails the following series of steps: 1. Stated opinion, 2. Philosopher, 3. Seer, 4. Trickster.

Tips to Applying Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Why use an anti wrinkle cream? Probably millions of girls ask this one question time and time again. Its significance: everyone wants to keep young and fresh looks.

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