Why Some Elderly People Live Happier and Longer Lives


Hey, JW here with another Health tip. I have always wondered how some elderly people maintain, good physical and mental health as they age while others declined quickly. So for the past few years, I have spoken with a number of highly active elderly folks and they have generously shared their views on the subject of Aging in dying. As I thought about their answers to my questions, I was struck by the similarity of their responses. I have observed that a common trait of active older people is their adherence to a meaningful work schedule. They also regularly, keep an active interest in people of all age groups. For example, one person said, I am really not conscious that I am getting old or that I am in danger of dying anytime soon. I live day to day enjoying what each New Day brings me. Another responded, I still take an interest in people and things around me. I read newspapers from cover to cover and keep up with the world news as best I can. I go to two or three movies a week, attend church services, choir practices and visit friends, who are sick and going to a hospital. I belong to a senior citizens club, participate in Social Affairs, and entertain young people who come to our home frequently. Another said I believe that deep down inside. We wish we could live forever, but we have no control over it. So why worry. I have a plan on adopting some of these techniques. In my life, and I hope you do too. Anyway, this is JW with another health tip.

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