Walking to Increase Cardio and Toning up Your Body

Walking is easy as you can go at your own pace and all you need is a good pair of shoes.
It’s also a great stress reliever.
And if you have a dog walk, your dog.
If you don’t have a dog, borrow a friend’s dog, or adopt a dog from your local animal shelter, there are so many wonderful dogs that need homes.
Walking is not only good for your heart, but it is also good for building.
Muscle tone, respiratory Health.
It’s good for digestion and can help with your immune system.
But if you’re looking to lose weight, and you’re only exercises walking, you may find that it’s not enough of a calorie burner.
One way to fix this issue is to add intensity to your walks adding intensity can be as easy as increasing the pace.
But if you want to up the ante even more add a few Hills or slopes into your walk, Walking on an incline on a treadmill or outside can help boost the number of calories you burn from a walk.
According to research from the Pennington, biomedical research, center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana women, who walked on an incline burned, 46 percent more calories than those who walked at a moderate Pace on a level surface.

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