Vitamin D Deficiency is a Global Health Problem

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 16

Nathan is the author of the Secret Principles of Immortality Series. The purpose is to build knowledge about longevity.

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Medicine

Everybody wants to live not only a better but also a longer life. Living well is a common human pursuit, but it may often turn out to be only a carrot and stick-forever unattainable. Why? It is because living well is an art that requires profound ancient wisdom, not just the conventional wisdom of modern medicine, in order to live a disease-free life.

Benefits Alkaline Water

Water is life itself. Water is a basic necessity to continue the process of life. All living organisms need water in order to survive.

Five Common Mistakes Women Make With Their Complexion

A brief article outlining 5 common mistakes women make that lead to accelerating the signs of aging. Includes ingredients to avoid when purchasing skin care and cosmetics.

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