To Live Or To Die

The Wonders of Stem Cell Therapy

As we age our body ages as well. Degeneration of cell, tissue and organ functions are taking place while we age. There are several conditions of our body that are undergoing changes unnoticed even for years like gradual loss of bone tissue and reduced resiliency of blood vessels aside from the more obvious physical changes including gray hair, wrinkles and other physiological changes such as social inactivity and decreased sexual functions just to name a few. These conditions slow down our body to perform our regular daily routine.

Botox Injections – Can Botox Treatments Help to Eradicate Wrinkles on Your Forehead?

Botox treatment is without a doubt the leader when it comes to aesthetic facial treatments. It can quite literally make you look years younger than you actually are, but can it be used to eradicate wrinkles on your forehead? Also, are there actually any viable alternatives?

The Truth About Night Creams

For years now, moisturizing night creams are one beauty topic that have remained under fire. Some doctors say that the anti-aging effect is mostly placebo effect, but some enthusiasts claim it has done miracles for their skin. The question remains: Do night creams really work against aging?

Five Tips to Achieve Healthy and Young Looking Skin

A lot of people think that maintaining your skin’s youthfulness is something that is hard and not to mention, expensive to do. Contrary to this popular belief, you can actually achieve a healthy and young looking skin without breaking a hole in your pocket. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices are all you need to slow down your skin’s natural ageing process. It is never too late to start taking care of your skin. So here are some no nonsense tips that you can do to get started.

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