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A Lot Of You Have Asked – Does Collagen Work?

Does collagen work? Lots of people want to know the answer to that question, partly because there are many different products that contain the ingredient. Some protein supplements contain it. It is a simple protein containing three amino acids that the body uses to make the skin’s elastic fibers and other things. As far as protein supplements go, it is cheap. But it could still be a waste of money.

Anti Aging Treatments – Hydroxatone and Human Growth Hormone

The quest for youth and youth-eternal has been the dream of many, ever since time began. What I do intend now to do is, focus on two products which drew claims of being able to advance the anti-aging process. These products are 1. Hydroxatone and 2. Human Growth Hormone.

Reducing Wrinkles By Changing Your Lifestyle The Natural Way

When looking into a mirror the first thing most women see is what is wrong with their looks rather than what looks good. This usually results in glaring woefully at the wrinkles and declaring to oneself “I look so old”. I am not going to pretend that we are not getting older as we all are and that is a fact. Another fact is we can do things to help reduce wrinkles and the best part is some of it is through a natural change of lifestyle. Face cream applied daily forms a natural barrier against dehydration. It is not necessarily so that the dearer the cream the more effective as many face creams found in department stores are more than adequate for this. You can even make your own using a simple recipe of egg white vitamin E oil and lemon essence. This can be turned into a fun occasion if you have girlfriends staying over.

Yoga to Maintain Our Health As We Age

High intensity interval training and resistance training have become the “in” ways to exercise now, and for anyone who has the ability to perform these types of exercise they are the way to go. But for many people, particularly as they age or if they are just getting into a workout plan, yoga has found a place. As we age flexibility, balance, range of motion and weakness with core muscles become an even greater issues and yoga is designed to impact those issues.

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