This Exotic Fruit is Making A Healthy Splash At Home

Retired Cops – Ways to Live Long and Prosper!

Retired cops need to ‘recover’ from the hectic pace of active service. After retiring, staying active, working a new career, and a healthy lifestyle will help to live a long and rewarding retirement!

Natural Oils and Anti Aging Face Care

In the urge to look younger, people often expose their vulnerable skin to harmful chemicals and toxins. Some anti aging beauty creams, lotions and serums do more harm than good to the skin and leave a lifelong impact on skin beyond repair. No matter how high-priced the products are, the truth here is that the rich chemical composition of these products can cause nightmares to your skin.

DNA Teletransportation

Is there a ‘non-local’ method of transmitting cell information? How accurate is the idea of the quantum cell?

Metaphors For Growing Old

Metaphors help us to communicate even more effectively. There are metaphors associated with growing old. This article presents several of those and invites you to contribute your favourites.

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