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Personal Views on Aging

When I think of aging, I think of my grandparents. They are old, retired, vacationers, wise, stubborn, strong-willed, move slower, nap often, funny, loving, and many other things. My grandparents are my prime example of aging.

Add Years to Your Life With These Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

There are many simple ways to add years to your life. You can actually age healthy by simply making smarter food choices and many factors come into play when it comes to aging. By following a healthy lifestyle, eating nutrient-rich diet and staying active, you can do so much to delay the entire process. By making healthy lifestyle choices can also help you stave off age-related illnesses such as heart problems, diabetes and osteoporosis and many more.

What Is a Lip Lift and How Can It Help You Look Younger?

When the skin around a person’s lips becomes puckered and wrinkled, it will cause the upper lip itself to droop or even become elongated and cover the top row of teeth, causing a person to look many years older than he or she really is. However, having a lip lift procedure performed will help lift the upper lip back up to its original position, enabling the teeth to be made visible once again.

Earthing: This May Be the Best Discovery of the 21st Century!

Earthing ourselves daily is a necessity if we want to enjoy longevity with vitality and great health. We need to be barefooted and walking along the beach, on the grass and sleeping on an earthing sheet so our blood is thin. Eating fast foods is a mitochondria killer. The sicker you are, the more you need to be earthed/grounded. Giving blood every 3-4 months reduces blood viscosity. Earthing improves our physiology and calms our sympathetic nervous system and heart rate variability. To be disconnected from the Earth it disrupts human sugar metabolism, and more.

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