The Pain Relief Herb, Allegedly.

Anti Aging Tips – Is There Such Thing As Anti Aging Foods That Help You Live Longer?

We all know that our diet plays a large part in how healthy we are. Anti aging and skin care products are one thing, but are there certain foods that can help counteract the negative effects aging has on the body? The simple answer is yes! These foods contain the right types of antioxidants and vitamins that can help our bodies and our skin function at optimum levels and aid in the anti aging process.

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips – A Cosmetic Physician’s Guide To Healthy Skin Care

There are many alternative options available today instead of costly cosmetic surgeries which are far less invasive. The alternative treatments are nowhere near the cost of full cosmetic surgery and can also provide long term results.

Latest Trend – Do-It-Yourself Homemade Vitamin C Serum

Everyone is looking to save money and look younger at the same time. Homemade vitamin C serum is the latest trend helping people achieve just this.

Surrendering to the Wrinkle

According to the FACE report, a recent survey of more than 800 women across Canada, 57% of everyday women receive injectable treatments like Botox and fillers, and 34% believe that these treatments are as mainstream as hair colouring or teeth whitening. So where does that leave people like me who are choosing the new alternative: going natural? Will we become, well, dinosaurs-scaly and extinct?

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