The Old Fruitarian On Getting Well

Common-Sense Strategy for A Strong Immune System

With so much sickness and disease everywhere you look, how can you keep from being another victim yourself or another statistic? A strong immune system can help. With a strong immune system, you can greatly reduce your odds of becoming a victim of a serious illness!

Keeping Your Sex Drive Fired Up As You Age

Maintaining a healthy sex drive while getting older is important to most men and women. Sex is often a satisfying part of their particular lifestyle that never a single one wants to lose. It is typical for a person’s sexual drive to diminish as they get older. Especially those people at age 60 and above may find it somewhat harder to get revved up with the mood or even get their body into the swing of things in order to physically comply with what is in mind.

Valentine’s Day And Living Longer

Most people want to live a longer, better life. As Seneca observed a couple of thousand years ago, wanting to live longer only is a waste of time. The quality of one’s live is also important. We can learn to use events to help and remind us to add years to our lives and life to our years. This article can help you to achieve those things.

Exercises for Older People Just Starting Out

We always encourage older people to begin an exercise program, but when they are just starting out it is important to know how to exercise safely. Whoever you are exercising has to meet that person’s needs, and obviously by starting a program when at 60 those requirements aren’t going to be the same as somebody who is exercising at 30 years old. First, a consultation with a doctor is always recommended just to be informed of what the exercise plan will be.

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