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What Do Antioxidants Do? What Do Antioxidants Do to Protect Your Body and Immune System?

Knowing what antioxidants do is the key in understanding how they can protect your body and immune system. What do antioxidants do? Antioxidants combat injury which is the result of damage caused by exercise. Exercise creates free radicals which causes muscle damage. What do antioxidants do is they prevent the damage and therefore shorten your recovery time.

What Is the Single Most Important Factor for Weight Loss?

There are many ideas concerning weight loss. Some try diets others exercise. These are part of the solution. Scientifically however, there is only one factor that really matters–Insulin Balance.

3 Best And Natural Ways To Balance Hormones

Hormones are chemicals that your body produces to control many of its functions. Starting from growth to libido to a host of other important things, hormones silently do a lot to keep you up and running. When in perfect balance, hormones can keep you healthy and feeling just great.

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 26

The subject of this article is computer-related immortality, and how it can be generated using categories. In the previous article I arrived at eight stages, in which it was determined that the philosopher is ‘great,’ but not the ultimate stage. Two stages lie beyond philosopher, defined as ‘wisdom,’ and ‘the ultimate.

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