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Athleticism and Its Effect of Chronological Age

What is your chronological age and would you like to reduce it as it correlates to your fitness age? I accept 63 but 43 has a more pleasant ring. It makes me feel younger, stronger, and more vibrant. That bubbling positivity leads to an upbeat state of mind and an optimistic outlook on life.

How To Choose Perfect Wrinkle Creams

To have that smooth perfect skin and to maintain it requires that extra care. The skin is so complex and sensitive that people prefer to use wrinkle cream,with everyone’s desire that it would give desirable results. It is always good to remember that one is required to assess own skin type, evaluate skin condition and then choose the kind of product to use.

Philosophy And Ageing

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… While reader statistics tell us that most people like to read ‘how-to information’, this article can never hope to deliver the how-to. Though many still try, no one can hope to tell you how to live your life. The challenge posed here is to question whether or not your life is worth living, then take the appropriate actions.

How To Reinvent Yourself Over And Over

Most of us have to reinvent ourselves at some time in our lives. One of those times is when we go through a major change in life and retire. Retirement calls for reinvention. This article proposes 5 questions that need to be asked when reinvention is being considered.

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