The Lymphatic System and How it Works

Sun Protection Never Becomes Old Hat

It is never too late to start protecting your skin from damaging UV sun rays. One third of all skin cancers appear on the face and the biggest cause of premature aging is the sun. Every head needs sun protection so start by choosing a comfortable hat with a brim of at least three inches.

Green Tea, The Fountain of Youth?

Green tea contains a variety of vitamins, making it a very healthy option. It is actually used in the treatment of different conditions like weight loss, stomach disorders, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, bone loss (osteoporosis), and solid tumor cancers, thanks to its antioxidant properties.

A Quick Note on Blue Zones

One of the most interesting occurrences in public health in recent years has been the initiatives related with the Blue Zone projects. The blue zones are pockets of people around the world who live longer and healthier lives than the majority of the rest of the world. In short, these small clusters of people are ten times more likely than an average American to live beyond the age of 100.

What Every Boomer Needs To Know

We tend to hear lots about Generations X,Y, and Z. But there is a new group that is changing the way many things happen. That group is the Millennials, made up of the senior Ys and junior Xers. In fact, this group numbers more than the so-called Baby Boomers. In the past, Baby Boomers thought they could rely on support because of their numbers. This is certainly not the case anymore. Read-on the find out more.

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