The Lemon Detox Cleanse Diet

Three Baby Boomer Body Parts You Don’t Want to Forget To Exercise

As a baby boomer you already know you need to exercise. Chances are you are already active. Even what appears to be a well structured exercise program however could be missing some key ingredients. As the body ages, even an active one, changes occur that require a bit more consorted effort to get results and keep in motion. Here are three areas to be aware of that won’t add a lot of time to your exercise time but will reap big rewards.

Osteoporosis – What You Can Do?

Osteoporosis is usually progressive, meaning it worsens with age. But it may be possible to stop or reverse bone mineral loss by following these recommendations.

McNuggets Of Wisdom On Growing Old

Most people have their favourite quotations. We tend to remember those gems that we wish we would have come-up with. In this article, I present some of my favourites and invite you to share some of yours.

The “Miracle” LifeCell Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream

How effective is LifeCell – how does it compare with a facelift? Does it do better than cosmetic injections? To find out, keep reading. Talking about wrinkles, LifeCell is the hottest name in the cosmetic world today.

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