The Golden Super Fruit You Love

A Guide to Staying Independent and Moving Freely for Seniors

Learn to move better and with ease for seniors. Continue having the independence in the activities you enjoy with your family, friends and colleagues using these simple tools!

How To Prevent Brow Furrow Lines

You always want to make a good impression when you first meet others, and unfortunately, having brow furrow lines – those vertical lines between your brows – can tell a very different story about the type of person you are than might be true. Those furrows can tell people that you’re stressed, angry or unhappy, even if you’re not.

The Real Truth About Mineral Makeup And Foundation

For many of you this may come as a shocker, but mineral makeup is not good for your skin. It’s occlusive oil, and its molecular structure is too big to penetrate your skin. It sits on top of your skin, clogging and stretching your pours. All the hype around mineral makeup being all-natural is not true. While mineral makeup may be better than mainstream department store brands, most of the mineral makeup brands are still laden with chemicals, dyes, preservatives, artificial fragrances and unnecessary fillers, like cancer-linked parabens.

The Unforeseen / Biggest Dangers Of Your Every Day Bathroom Products

If you washed your face, hair and body today you’ve probably already lathered yourself in dozens of dangerous chemicals and you haven’t even put your make-up on yet! Many of our daily rituals and comforts are possible because of chemicals. These chemicals may make our makeup stay on longer, or make our lip-gloss cheaper and our hair less tangled and easier to brush, but the long-term effects on our health are very frightening.

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