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Four Questions To Ask Your Personal Trainer In Your Second 50

You know you need help with an exercise program. You know you could easily get hurt if you don’t start right. You want to get results not waste your time. You’re more than a little out of your comfort zone going to the “gym.” So a personal trainer seems a logical solution. How do you choose the right one. Here are four questions that you should ask a personal trainer before you write the check.

Emergency Vacation Fuel Kit For Avoiding Weight Gain For After 50 Travelers

Whether you travel once a year for that long-awaited vacation, take short trips regularly, or you travel frequently for work, eating on the run is a challenge. If you think the airline charges too much for your luggage, what about that baggage you bring home around your waist? If you want to avoid it and enjoy your travels by staying a little closer to routine follow these tips.

Ten Wellness Goal Setting Tips For Baby Boomers

As effective as goal setting is, there’s a reason fewer 50-year olds set resolutions than 20-year olds. How can you make this time different? For one, you’re more likely to succeed than fail because you’re more likely to choose changes that matter. Beyond that there are new ways to enhance any goal so that you increase your chances of success.

Baby Boomers, Live Longer and Better: The Key Is Exercise

Fellow baby boomers, we’re living longer than ever. That’s worth celebrating, right? Well, yes and no. We’re living longer, but not healthier. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we can make our longer lives better lives. It’s all up to us…

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