The #1 Disease Fighting Green Vegetable

Top Yoga Poses For Fighting Aging And Staying Young

While getting old might not seem so bad mentally, after the age of 18, it seems like a downhill task physically. You begin to lose balance, flexibility, and strength especially once you get to the age of 30. The pains and aches seem to pop out of nowhere.

Practice These All-Natural Ways To Fight Aging Effectively

Getting old is part of life, and nothing you can do can stop this process. However, getting old and aging are two different things. While getting old has a lot to do with time, aging has a lot to do with appearance.

How to Beat Age Effects and Restore Your Youth Once Again

Aging is a universal phenomenon and a drop in growth hormone levels is the main cause of aging. It is possible to restore your youth and reverse age effects to a large extent by increasing growth hormone naturally.

How Psychic Anatomy Influences Physical Health and Performance

THIS ARTICLE IS FAIRLY SCIENTIFIC. The anatomy of your psyche, an important part of your mind-body-spirit, is as real as your physical body. The three most dense parts are observed and studied scientifically, these are the Aura (chakras and auric bodies {aka. halo, lightbodies, koshas, wheels of light}), Meridians (traditionally found in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine {nadis} and Incan records {light channels}) and Internal Aura (revealed in the study of bioelectromagnetism). Before getting into details about them, let me introduce the energies they work with, which I call psychic energies.

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