Slowing Down Disease With These Superfoods.

The Truth About Collagen Creams and Moisturizers

Collagen creams have been around for decades. When you think about it, they seem like something that could work. After all, collagen is a key building block of your skin; so if you put on a cream with collagen, the skin should absorb it and thereby improve. This is the idea skin cream manufacturers cling on to and continue to make products that claim to hold the hands of time at bay by smoothing wrinkles and smoothing our skin. But can collagen moisturizers really do what they promise?

Ways We Can All Improve Our Sleep

It is well documented how important it is to get good, restful sleep on a regular basis. It is the time that the body restores itself and consistently getting proper sleep provides us with energy and the ability to provide a healthy immune system. But the amount of sleep we need varies from person to person, as we know that different people can get by on less sleep than others.

Something to Shout About

When we speak to people on the phone we get a pretty good idea of their age; this is because as we age men’s voices go up, and women’s go down. But is there anything we can do to stop our voices aging us in this way?

Skin Care – Why Do People Put Skin Care Before Health?

Did you know that it is a consumer statistic that people will spend 3 times more on how they look rather than how they feel? It’s true. You can actually Google it if you don’t believe me. To give you a commercial example of this, during the Great Depression, sales numbers of everything were going down. People were holding on to every cent they could because jobs were scarce, consumer confidence was down the drain and sales were down across the board. I mean, you name it and it the sales were down; food, medications, newspapers, everything.

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