Rosemary is a sun – loving herb

Chronic Inflammation Has A Bad Track Record

Chronic inflammation is linked to many diseases that cause havoc in lives and increases aging. Treating periodontal disease assists in keeping chronic inflammation down.

5 Anti-Aging Vitamins To Reverse The Clock On Life

There is not a single person who has been able to escape time. It makes itself most conspicuous in those wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and saggy skin. This is true, but you can at least try to delay these ugly signs of aging. Using the right vitamins either orally or topically is the key to firm up loose skin, improve its tone and reduce the appearance of age-related wrinkles.

The Best Ways To Firm Sagging Skin

As soon as women cross 40, their day starts with peeping into the mirror just to check if there is a new wrinkle since last night. Wrinkles, sagging skin and ugly age spots are among the first signs to hint that you’re getting old. It is still possible to cover up wrinkles and age spots with the right makeup, but it can be a tricky task to do the same for sagging skin as the problem lies skin deep. This short article discusses a few simple, natural regimens to uplift sagging skin and restore a youthful radiance.

How To Build Collagen Naturally In Aging Skin

If you’re looking to drop a decade from your face, there is a little insider secret you must know. No diet or cream will produce sustainable results if it is not geared towards boosting natural collagen synthesis. Your skin is only like an outer-wrapping, at the base of which is a more concrete structure. Collagen is the cornerstone of this underlying structure. It is a structural protein that gives the skin its firmness and shape. It is also responsible for skin elasticity, strength, texture and tone.

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