Has the Good Doc Gone Coconuts?

5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Wellness Today

Getting, and then staying, fit and healthy, may seem hard and complicated. But there are simple things we can do every day to help us achieve this.

Achieve A Smooth Even Skin Tone With Microdermabrasion Treatment

If you look at your skin and all you notice are the fine lines, wrinkles, sun damaged and uneven skin tone, or blackheads and white heads. Maybe you have acne prone skin or superficial age spots. Medical microdermabrasion is an ideal treatment, if you want to improve the look of any of these symptoms.

Waddaya Know?

We seem to know more and more about less and less. A likely response to, ‘What do you know?’ is likely to be, ‘Not much’. This article suggests that that’s OK, and proposes three steps that might help you.

5 Strategies for Drinking More Water

We all know that we need to hydrate our bodies for OPTIMAL HEALTH. Drinking water helps us maintain the balance of our bodily fluids.

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