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Science And Ageing

People seem to place a lot of faith in science and scientists in the quest to find ways to slow down the ageing process and increase how long humans live. This article suggests that you should not hold your breath hoping for science and scientists to successfully intervene.

How to Boost HGH Naturally for Anti Aging Benefits

One of the prime causes of aging is a slow down in the production of HGH or human growth hormone in your body. This article lists some of the best ways to boost HGH for reversing your body clock.

Do You Prefer The Prevention Or Treatment Model?

Traditionally in western society we wait to get sick and then we take a day off and join the legions of the unwell in doctor’s surgeries pawing old germ covered magazines. In some Asian societies the local doctor or healer would be paid a retainer to keep their patient healthy and the payment would stop if they became ill.

Lose the Deep Facial Lines and Sunken Cheeks Using Dermal Filler Injections

Deep lines and folds in the skin occur because as we get older we lose elasticity and collagen, causing our face to sag and look gaunt, making us look older than our years. Fillers are a great option for those wishing to lose these deep folds and lines on the face but don’t wish to have invasive surgery. We would all like to correct the sunken cheeks and the hollows beneath our eyes, regaining the plump fullness of skin from our youth.

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