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Common Botox Myths Debunked

It’s no doubt. Botox treatment has hit the mainstream. Just like everything else popular, Botox treatment is surrounded by several myths. Here are some of them.

How Has Stem Cell Culturing Affected the Health and Wellness Industry?

The ability to derive stem cells from plants or humans has had a significant effect on the health and wellness industry. While stem cell research is most often associated with the medical industry, it has also become a mainstay as an anti-aging ingredient. The role of stem cells in cosmetics was once a complex issue from an ethics perspective, however this has changed with the introduction of stem cell media.

A Body Friendly Way to Stop Aging With Aches and Pain

Research and clinical observations suggest that pain is associated with immune dysfunction. Pain is usually produced when the immune system feels overworked or compromised. Fortunately the energy for support of this system comes from choosing fresh foods that support immune function. Some of the foods your immune system thrives on are fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those that are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for good immune function. Choosing to eat fresh foods high in Vitamin C is a major step towards keeping this system doing a tip top job of managing body energy, and reducing oxidative stress. The power to support your immune system is entirely in your hands. For instance, choosing green vegetables like kale, spinach or parsley as part of your diet regimen, would ensure that your blood stream constantly has the antioxidant support it needs for proper immune function. The immune system also gets a boost from healthy levels of zinc. Fortunately vegetables are easy to cook.

Skin Care Benefits of Healing Organic Lemongrass Oil

Organic Lemongrass essential oil has the innate ability to discourage bacterial or microbial infections of the skin, due to it’s natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal components. This healing botanical to the skin can help alleviate common skin disorders. When used as an astringent/toner, it also does a great job of firming and tightening the skin.

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