Mt.Vernon School Board Meeting where MD talks statistics and data on COVID and the jab.

How To Retire Retirement

The word and concept of retirement is fairly recent. We now know that retiring from life can mean a shorter life and usually of diminished quality. It seems, therefore, to rid ourselves of the idea of retiring – to never retire.

Top 5 Natural Face Packs To Remove Wrinkles

Here are 5 amazing homemade face packs that will help to reduce wrinkles from your skin. Have a look.

Botox Injections to Correct And Reduce a Square Jaw-Line

A square, prominent jaw-line is mostly recognised as an attractive, masculine feature in a man. Women however, tend to prefer a softer, more feminine shape face. A square jaw reduction procedure is becoming more and more popular because it eliminates the need for invasive techniques and alters the shape of the face from square to a softer oval, enhancing the appearance.

Thyroid Health & Bioidentical Hormones – What You Need To Know

The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland on the front of the neck. It produces numerous hormones, which every cell and system of the body use for all their multitude of functions. In many people, this gland does not function optimally. Although this can create a serious problem, the good news is that there are ways to successfully resolve and manage this.

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