Mitochondria-ON – Optogenetics & Aging

Mitochondria-ON - Optogenetics & Aging

So I recently spoke with Dr Brandon Berry about his work using the tool Mitochondria on here I will explain how It works in ourselves we have organelles You have likely heard of one called Mitochondria Primarily these organelles are Responsible for the generation of ATP The way ATP is generated is through the Generation of a proton motor Force Essentially a high concentration of Protons hydrogen ions in the space Between the membranes of this organelle When these protons move down their Concentration gradient out of this Inter-membrane space They go through a protein called ATP Synthase the movement of protons through This protein facilitates a generation of ATP the energy source of the cell Mitochondria on is a tool that also Moves protons across this membrane but It can only do this in the presence of a Cofactor or trans retinal and lights In this paper Brandon activated this Tool using Glides during adulthood of The worms And so this helped to maintain the Proton motor Force He showed that by maintaining this Proton motor force it extended the Lifespan of the worms Listen to our full conversation here

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