Mental Health Issues in your 50’s and Beyond

What To Look For In Anti-Aging Products?

Considering inexpensive ways to reverse the clock on life? Here’s what to look for when shopping for anti-aging products.

Live the Active Lifestyle and Say Goodbye to Spider Veins

Many people are becoming more conscious about how they look. Most of us dream of having flawless and radiant skin even as we age. With health issues such as spider veins hindering you from reaching this goal, we need to recheck your daily routines that may be causing those visually unpleasant patterns to crowd your legs.

Where Can Botox Be Used?

Some have called it the miracle treatment. Others consider it a must have for anyone with fine lines and wrinkles. Still others swear by its ability to take years off of one’s appearance. Plastic surgeons everywhere have been administering Botox injections to their patients for a number of years.

Living in the Terrestrial Vehicle – Your Body

Disassociating from the body is something that we all tend to do. Do you smoke? Do you drink coffee? Do you drink alcohol? How often to you treat your sweet tooth? All of these chemicals tend to numb us to our feelings. This is a story about reclaiming MY body. I trust you will find commonalities.

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