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The 7 Best Juices For Boomer Women

Drinking juice is one of the easiest ways to get the nutrients we as mature women need as we age. You can create your own buying fresh produce or you can walk into any juice bar or supermarket and get fresh cold pressed juice. But all juices are not created equal. Some are better than others for women over 50. Here are 4 of the best fruit juices for boomer women.

How Your Health Is Affected During the Three Ages of Old Age

The average life span of human beings is increasing. Here you’ll find out what effect getting old will have on you and what can you do to live a joyous life in your old age.

No, Old Age Is Not A Bitch

Yes, in so many ways, old age can be a bitch. But it doesn’t have to be. If mentally competent, there are so many things that can be done to make “old age” better and even joyful for yourself and others.

Defeating the Pandemic While Reducing the Ageing Process Simultaneously

There’s no doubt about what people globally are discussing today– the Pandemic. But, there’s an imperative now, in conjunction with WHO, for regaining independence back from depressing media control-conditioning.This article shows, by establishing personal immunity to the virus, we can smash this pandemic naturally from within. And, in doing so, reduce the ageing process thereby maintain optimal personal health.

Build Your Immunity Against Pandemics by Remaining Younger Longer: Two Ways to Do So

Two strategies are offered for staying younger longer. While date of birth will never change, how old you become functionally, and for how long, depends. It depends on many factors, a few of which are under your control, most not. Work on those that are, especially the choices you make relative to exercise and nutrition. Become as fit as you can manage by doing exercises you enjoy while favoring whole foods, plant-based diets. In addition, attend to usual lifestyle arts, especially resilience, positivity, an active social life, community involvement, your personal liberties, critical thinking and all else that promotes exuberance, love, meaning and bouts of happiness.

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