Longevity is More Than Just Genetics…Much More!

Reversing Gray Hair? Yup, It’s Possible! (Part 1)

I am not going to lie – I like the idea of eternal youth and beauty. But when most of us reach (or are close to reaching) their thirties, we tend to look at our bodies for signs of age more often. And, sure enough, we find them.

Baby Boomers Need Skills-Based Volunteer Work

Why has the number of elderly volunteers fallen in the previous few years? This article proposes some strong factors why and also what can be done to transform this. It could produce happier, much healthier elders as well.

Why Is Your Willpower Not Enough After 50 And What To Do About It

When you want to lose weight or get in better shape behavior change is a must. Why is it so hard to do? If you read all the Facebook posts suggesting you just need more discipline and willpower you could easily feel like a failure. You’ll run screaming back to the rocky road in the freezer and dump the whole operation. Put the spoon down. There’s hope.

Stem Cell Anti-Aging Treatments in Germany

The legendary cell therapy based anti-aging treatments have been offered in Germany since the last 60 years with great success. The integrative approach employed during cell therapy procedures helps reduce biological age by 7-10 years. Every procedure and therapeutic intervention carried out during anti-aging program is for regeneration of body’s individual cells and organs (i.e. regeneration from INSIDE), because the aging process first starts at the cellular/organ level, and then, over the years slowly shows up externally as wrinkles on face, or development of some chronic disease, or general loss of vitality or weight gain or forgetfulness, or loss of hairs, or loss of libido or decrease in eyesight, or poor sleep quality, etc. Undergoing cell therapy based anti-aging program once a year after 40 years of age not only helps “look and feel” significantly younger but also offers an excellent prevention against the diseases of old age viz. Diabetes, Heart disease, High blood pressure, Impotence, Cancer, etc.

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