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ED Drugs or Testosterone?

Just throw away that blue pill! That’s right – you really don’t need it! Although the major pharmaceutical companies would like you to think that erectile dysfunction (ED) can only be cured with their prescription drugs, natural hormone replacement therapy and testosterone therapy, in particular, provide a more natural solution.

Five Things Good About Growing Old

You can’t help getting old: we’re all participants in the ageing process. There are many benefits to be gained from this phenomena and this article comes up with five of those.

Bad Knees? Exercise May Help Cure the Pain Forever

If you have pain in your knees, probably the last thing in the world you feel like doing is exercising those aching joints. It probably seems like a better idea to take some pain-killers, but those come with side effects. Supplements such as chondroitin or glucosamine have been advertised to help, but studies have shown that most of their results were only in the patient’s imagination.

The Link Between Low Testosterone and Heart Disease

Testosterone is a hormone produced by all humans, but to a greater degree with men than with women. It plays a vital role in red blood cell production, density of bones and maintaining muscle mass, plus keeping body fat controlled. It also is important psychologically, as it produces a general sense of well-being along with youth and vigor.

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