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Ten Common Myths About Testosterone Treatment For Women

There are 10 popular myths about testosterone replacement therapy for women. But the medical research by 2 expert physicians dispells these myths. Their research supports the finding that testosterone treatment safely and effectively treats the symptoms of aging in women.

5 Keys to Ageless Living

Baby Boomers are now entering their senior years more unhealthy than in the previous generation. They are not aging very well and there is a reason for it. Listed in this article are 5 keys that will help every generation to ageless living.

Drive Your Own Bus Or Someone Else Will

Staying in-charge of your life is vital. So, too, is giving control to others. Empowering others to act in your best interests is important, but you must always stay in charge. The articles stresses the importance of remaining in-charge-driving your own bus, if you like. Find-out more by reading on.

How Your Sleep Habits Are Causing Wrinkles

When people talk about needing their “beauty sleep,” it connotes the idea that getting plenty of shut-eye each night helps to ward off or eliminate wrinkles before they happen. But what do you do when your resting hours start sabotaging your skin? There are a few bad bedtime habits that can actually increase the amount of wrinkles and fine lines you find on your face.

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