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At 35-40 Years Old: Aging or “Avoidable Deterioration”

Don’t confuse healthy aging with “avoidable deterioration.” At 35-40 years old you are still so incredibly young. Age gets the blame for results you’re experiencing from a shortage of good habits or an excess of bad ones. Don’t focus on self-denial. Adding good choices can naturally push bad ones out of your way. Start with an exercise that takes 30 seconds, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Make good food choices 90% of the time. Focus on consistency. The sooner you start the easier it will always be.

How to Increase Your Chances to Be a Centenarian

So you want to live to one hundred and beyond, and you want to know how to do it. There is no secret formula for getting there, but there are quite a lot of lifestyle prescriptions that give you a better chance. Plus because more people all the time are becoming centenarians our knowledge base of what allows people to live longer is growing. There are things that are becoming more apparent the more we study, and there are things that remain a mystery, which we will explore here.

The Reason Behind Tired Eyes and the Treatment to Help Solve It

Tired of looking tired? There is nothing worse than being told you look tired when you have had a good eight hours sleep and feel raring to go. This tired look is associated with looking older which is not want you want. The eye area and mid-face are the areas we focus on most when we are speaking to each other so it is the area to address first when considering treatments. In the UK we spend millions of pounds on ‘cover up products’. Most of these are whitish in colour, whereas a peachy colour, similar to the Circle Delete product from Jane Iredale’s make-up collection is the one to hide the darkness. In fact, light coloured products often draw attention to the area rather than away from it. Think about light highlighter pencils we use to emphasise the brows and cheek areas.

Work On Improving Your Functional Strength As You Age

As we age, we typically experience muscle degeneration due to lack of use. One way to maintain your quality of life and your independence is to start strength training to improve your functional strength. Functional strength is the type of strength we use everyday to perform our daily activities and live a healthy, full, independent life!

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