Healing the Body with Fruit Detox

How to Get Rid of Face Lines

Forehead lines, wrinkles on your face and fine lines under eyes. Annoying and embarrassing as they may be, is there anything you can do to help diminish these lines that appear on the most exposed area of your body – your face?

Three Great Tips to Look Your Best and Tone Wrinkled and Aging Skin

No matter how you look at it, we are getting older every day! Check out some of my amazing tips to look and feel your best, and also to reverse the signs of aging. Simple things that we can do every day to help tone and contour loose and wrinkled skin are easier than you might think!

5 Of The Best Anti-Aging Foods

I bet you don’t like looking old. Do you? The good thing is that there are many foods that you can take in order to look young for a long time. Some of the best ones are: Pichuberry It’s also known as Physalis Peruviana in scientific terms and contains plenty of vitamin D. Although, you can get vitamin D from sunlight, getting the vitamin from the fruit is better as you don’t damage your skin.

Some of the Things Seniors With Good Memories Have in Common

Aging as we know is inevitable, but there is a common factor among people who move into old age healthy, that is those that can truly call their senior years their “golden years”, and those that don’t. People who have been able to eliminate the negative stereotypes about aging have a higher quality of life.

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