Getting COVID and flu at the same time is known as Flurona

Our Historic Obsession of Youth and Beauty

Today the cosmetics industry is a multi-billion pound giant that continues to create new methods of anti-ageing protection across a wide range of products. Critics say these cosmetics have made modern society a superficial place where people prize physical appearance in ways like never before, but in reality the quest for achieving an ever more youthful and radiant complexion has always been part of life. The obsession of using cosmetics to gain a perfect appearance began as far back as ancient Egypt when natural ingredients, such as herbs, minerals and olive oils, were mixed together in concoctions…

It’s Your Choice: Participate or Perish

Things don’t always work out as you thought they would. Take ageing, for example. While you may never have spent too much time thinking about it, in the blink of an eye you’ve gone from feeling bulletproof to being aware of your vulnerability. This article examines the choices you need to make if your planner to live a longer, better life.

Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 25

In the previous article, I came to the conclusion that there were sixteen principles which describe the minimal path to immortality, in a temporal context in which one engages the earlier functions of principle, athletics, medicine, and adaptation. The sixteen principles are the following, translating slightly: (1) Desire for mystery, (2) Art, (3) Proverb, (4) Thirst for reality, (5) Clarity, (6) Finding truth, (7) Secret art, (8) Living mystery, (9) Paradoxical answers, (10) Secret power, (11) Test of virtue, (12) Law of self, (13) Proof of existence, (14) Casting a spell, (15) Diabolical virtue, (16) Test of…

Mid-Life Crisis? The Aging Process and Five Steps to Looking Ten Years Younger

For all of us, once we reach the age of 40 we start slowing down, with a few of us experiencing a ‘mid-life crisis’. Panic of the aging process sets in as we see the on-set of wrinkles and loose skin. It really doesn’t have to be that way at all. This is the time to start looking forward to beginning a life that is essentially for you. It is time to start planning, looking at yourself and creating your future where you stay feeling and looking young.

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