Embrace The Healing Herbs

Retirement – Its Joys Are Up To You

So you’re already moving towards the end of the second third of your life. Retirement is still a few years off – but not that far off. Now is the time – not when you have retired – to heed some of the advice from someone who has been happily retired for almost twenty years.

Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow to Start Getting Fitter (and Have Fun Too)

Life is more fun when you are fit, and although it’s never too late to get fitter, it is too easy to make excuses. The best time to start improving your health is now, so here’s how to start.

9 Poisons That Will Shorten Your Life

I always told my students, “It’s not bad dying but getting sick is the pits.” To keep yourself healthy, there are some things that you really want to avoid. 1…

Why Anti Aging Products Like Retinol Serum Work Better Than Others

Every day, you turn on the TV or your laptop and you’re bombarded by advertisements of the latest miracle anti aging products that promise flawless skin in just a few weeks. While you would love to try some of these products for yourself to gauge their potency and see if they truly deliver, these products can be quite pricey – and you never know if your skin will flare up after a couple of uses, so spending money on skin solutions that may not work for you can be a costly (and irritating) exercise.

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