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Main Things That Accelerate Ageing of the Skin

When we start to age we start to notice loose and sagging skin, because as the body naturally ages, so too does the skin. From the age of 25 the body stops producing collagen and elastin, and the hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin will lessen. This can result in the early signs of ageing, making us notice considerable differences in how our skin looks and feels.

Rejuvenate And Lift Your Face Using PDO Thread Lift Treatment

As we get older our skin’s elasticity loosens and we have a tendency to lose volume in various areas of our face. PDO thread lift treatment will immediately lift the skin and create more volume, stimulating collagen production in the area to give tighter skin and a more youthful look.

Botox, Microdermabrasion & Dermal Fillers – Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Treatments For Men

Trying to look good with the constant stress and hassle of day-to-day life isn’t easy, so to treat yourself from time to time can feel nice. We can’t influence of the passage of time on our skin, but we can try minimising its impact. Men today seem more aware of the cosmetic treatments available to them and have a more open attitude towards using them to keep looking youthful.

Dermal Filler Treatment Will Help to Keep the Face Looking Young

To give our face a youthful look, the first thing to fix is the shape. A young-looking face will typically have a smooth contour from the ear to the chin and a defined jaw line, while older faces often sag at the bottom of the cheeks, leaving the face with jowls.

Replace Lost Volume And Revitalise The Cheekbones Using Dermal Filler

Ageing and weight-loss are contributing factors when our face begins to look older and worn-out day by day. The reason our skin looks fresh and tight is because of the collagen that we have naturally in the body, but over time our body will lose vital components such as collagen fibres and elastin, when it gradually starts decreasing in our skin.

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