Dies Suddenly At 33

Dies Suddenly At 33

Hey JW here Just going through uh today's news it's Saturday Um January 14th 2023 and I go through every day and I Primarily look to find Young people dying suddenly Um For apparently according to the media Um no cause you know cause unknown well You know it's a bunch of crap he usually Knows it caused it down usually somebody Gets in an automobile accident drug Overdose suicide usually they can Figure out the cause of death pretty Quickly But lately There have been so many young people Dying oftentimes very athletic Young people Um On that uh Buffalo Bills player recently tomorrow Um what's his last name Hamilton Who played for the place for the Buffalo Bills uh as you know he dropped in on The field and was revived by allegedly Revived by the EMTs Or the coaching or the training staff of The Buffalo Bills out I don't know the Full details on actually who revived Them I think the trainer was given most

Of the credit for that Um When I was a flight attendant we had Um We had equipment on board the aircraft Um That would allow you to Um What's what's the piece of equipment I'm Trying to think of that would allow you To get the hard restarted um it'll come To me during the course of this video But anyway it's not a new technology or Anything I heard someone refer to it as A medical miracle and it's been around For 25 years or so and readily available To anybody you can have one in your home But anyway that's neat here and there But so anyway I found a story on a tick Tock food star named by the name of Taylor clay dorm who apparently is some Sort of uh a foodie type guy he tries All kinds of odd and weird food I call Him It's got a little bit of juice And uh you know that's him he doesn't Look particularly healthy Um and but 33 years old Um that's pretty young And you know two young certainly Too Young To Die of hard hard issues But uh you know what do I know But you know every day uh you can if you Don't believe me Google died suddenly

And you'll see It it happens very frequently And um You know Just seems odd to me that all these Young people are dying at a very young Age uh his brother this uh Taylor clay Dorm's brother said that is That Taylor died from a heart issue aha Problem or issue I I don't think it was A pre-existing condition the way he Worded it But I don't know if he was vaccinated or he Wasn't vaccinated I wasn't gonna going to use the b word On this particular video because Oftentimes YouTube will take it down if You use that word it's not you're not Allowed to and I thought what kind of a Truth can I be if I avoid using the word That is the word so if they take this Down they take it down I don't really Care That's not it's gonna win any awards Anyway this particular video but you Know like I said I go through every day And I look to find young people who have Died suddenly and this is the latest one I can find So you know it's just one of many And I'm sure it will continue That's cool that doesn't look Particularly healthy as you can see and

He's trying all kinds of weird food so One could say well his diet was pretty Crappy and maybe that had something to Do with it and maybe it did But it seems to me that at 33 years old You can Tick Tock food starts Taylor Kratom known as waffler69 has died he Was 33 years old Before that Just uh just recording the news as it Comes across that is green ham It's perfect let's go cook the rest Taylor's brother Clayton shared the sad News on Tick Tock he believes Taylor Died of a heart attack so I'm related to Level 369 Um or my brother Taylor Uh you know usually again A bad diet and he looked that guy around 10 p.m on January 11th 2020 that's worse When it comes to uh um I see them every day walking around the Rest of the hospital you see people Grocery an hour I just can look at it Personally now this is still pretty new I don't know what's going to be Happening in the near future with us I thought I should get on It's got a beautiful caramel color Anyway thanks for watching and I'll talk To you soon

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