Cognitive Reserve: Tips to keep your mind sharp

Cognitive Reserve: Tips to keep your mind sharp

Foreign Cognitive Reserve is the hypothetical Mechanism behind the miracle of Successful aging That is being able to age gracefully Despite the ravages of time it's part of The reason some 80 year olds have no Trouble remembering what day it is While Others can't remember their own phone Number Cognitive Reserve is also thought to be The reason that some people can Successfully manage brain conditions Such as Alzheimer's disease for years While others succumb to them quickly Cognitive Reserve is the idea that People with a higher cognitive capacity Are more likely to maintain their Cognitive Health as they age than people With a lower capacity This may sound self-evident but its Implications are significant Things that affect cognitive Reserve Include education social engagement and Participation in mentally stimulating Activities The idea has been studied most Extensively in cases of Alzheimer's Disease and dementia it seems clear from Research that these conditions are less Severe in individuals whose brains have Been stimulated by education and mental Activity It's important to note that while there

Are some things we can control about our Cognitive Reserve like education others Are largely out of our hands That said it's encouraged that we try to Do what we can to boost our levels of Cognitive Reserve [Music]

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