Cinnamon And Honey Are A Powerful Combo

Healthy Aging Programs: Methods to Keeping the Brain Healthy

Aging can have a significant impact on brain health. Healthy aging programs provide ways for seniors to exercise their minds to ward off dementia.

How To Make Your Life Even Better

A challenge for all of us is to make sure that we’re living a life worth living. If we’re not, then it’s time to change. This article encourages you to try.

Longevity Secrets of People Over 100

What can we learn from longevity secrets of people over 100? First, we exclude genetics, but assume this must be in their favor. Second, we look for diet and lifestyle similarities to form a behavioral pattern for healthy aging. Third…

7 Simple Ways to Live Life a Little Longer

Obesity is a modern-day scourge that is common, worldwide. Particularly susceptible are men in their 40s and above because of career demands, apathy, laziness, or plain resignation to the aging effects on their bodies. The irony is that they waste no time in seeing their doctor once they feel chest pains, swollen joints, high cholesterol, or their blood sugar start to taste as sweet ah honey.

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