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The Chinese herbalist who lived to be 256 years old.

No one knows how true the story is but it is believed that Li Ching-Yuen was born in the year 1736 or 1677 and died on 6th May 1933. Any of his birth years makes him 197 or 256 years old when he died. The longest living human being to date is the French woman Jeanne Calment and she lived for 122 years. His story is an inspirational one, at least from what can be salvaged of the few facts found that can actually be traced back to him. For what it is worth, his version of “Live long and prosper” was, in fact, “Keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon, and sleep like a dog.”

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Jeanne Calment, was believed to be the world’s oldest person.

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