Can Humans Thrive on Just Fruit?

3 Reasons Why Not To Be Vegetarian

An MD rejects vegetarianism as an unnatural diet. He explains that a Paleo diet is genetically the way humans are programmed to eat and going against that can cause sickness.

Three Things Found in Your Home That Leads to Premature Aging

Okay, so it’s common to use either cosmetics or natural home remedies to try to keep your skin healthy so you would look younger than your age. We’ve read about so many products and DIY recipes to try out but what if you could also keep yourself looking young by making some simple changes in the environment of your home?

How This Unique Anti-Aging Nutrient Can Help Optimize Your Health

Looking to fight off aging? Find out why this doctor says this anti-aging nutrient might be the secret ingredient for longevity and greater vitality.

Natural Anti-Aging Solution – Vitamin C

Are you worried about whether or not you’re skin is aging as gracefully as the rest of you? If so, then please read on so you can make informed decisions regarding your personal care.

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