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If You Wear Makeup You Are Inviting Cancer Into Your Body

Before most women leave their house in the morning they have rubbed, sprayed and applied over a 100 different chemicals on their bodies and most of these chemicals are very toxic. This may sound shocking, even terrifying, but it is true. Now you may be checking the labels on your skin cream right now and see that it has the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval rating of being “safe for human use” but all that means is that when they tested the product it didn’t give their subjects a terrible rash or made them break out in hives. It in no way takes into account the products long-term effects on people’s internal health. No research has been conducted on the synergistic effects of the chemicals found in everyday skin care products. Manufactures continue to use phthalates in your perfume, alumin chloride in your deodorant and chlorhexdine in your antibacterial soap. These ingredients make for deadly cocktails.

What’s It Take To Be Happy?

Everyone, it seems, is an expert on happiness. Wherever you go these days, someone is telling you how to be happy. This article questions many of those ‘old favourites’.

The Most Common Places People Forget To Apply Sunscreen

You know how it goes: you’ve been hanging out by the pool or lake, and after an hour or so… oh darn, you forgot to put on sunscreen! You should always apply sunblock to prevent premature wrinkles, skin cancer, and other skin problems that keep you from aging gracefully.

Antioxidants For Anti Aging? Learn How To Fight Free-Radical Damage

You are what you eat! Learn how you can use certain foods to fight off damage from free-radicals you may encounter in your environment. Free radicals can cause signs of inflammation and premature aging. When you know just how delicious anti-oxidant rich foods can be you can really get excited about cutting inflammation and improving your health.

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