Another Conversation with Dr. Morse

5 Things You Should Never Do to Your Skin

Microdermabrasion with Toxic Crystals… We have been taught that it is important that we exfoliate to have radiant skin. The crystals are meant to sand your skin to give your skin a glow. Microdermabrasion with aluminum oxide crystals can be highly toxic. Even most over the counter scrubs and peels are not good for your skin or the environment. Lori recommends a gentle exfoliation that won’t damage the skin. She will also do microdermabrasion with rose petals, lavendar and tea tree grains as well as diamond tips (each person gets their own tip) to exfoliate.

Aging Well: Maintain YOUR Health!

We all will age as aging is inevitable. However, how we age and how our life evolves as we age, is completely different. We CAN take care to maintain our mental and physical health, in a variety of simple ways, so that we live the best life that is possible in old age! Why the heck not?

Home Remedies to Fade Age Spots

As we get older our bodies go through may changes. We have more aches and pains, our bones become more brittle and to top it off we start to develop age spots.

How You Can Be A Winner

Most people remember the name of the winner, maybe the one that finishes second, and only others that are different in some ways. The challenge for most of us, therefore, is to differentiate in some ways. This article applies this know-how to growing old and asks how you differentiate from the rest.

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