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December 2019

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A Good Guide For Anti Aging

A Useful Guide With Regards To Anti Aging By John Walsh Grow old gracefully. Aging does not have to be a painful process, or something you dread. Growing older can actually be quite enjoyable. Follow our helpful tips and you will see just how wonderful aging can be. Read on to find out what you […]

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Hacks On How To Stay Young

By John Walsh It has sometimes been said that aging is inevitable, but that looking old is optional! Although we all age, we deal with it in different ways, with different results. So what are some of the secrets of those enviable people who manage to look far younger than their years? Understand hormone imbalances […]

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Fruitarians Don’t Eat just Fruit

Fruitarian Most of the Time By John Walsh Source: Flickr You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the value of a raw foods diet. A raw food diet consists primarily of uncooked, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seaweed, nuts and juices. It’s a vegetarian diet, but one that rejects any animal products. Its central tenet is […]

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More Advice On Anti-aging and Wellness

Ideas On Anti-aging For Everyone By John Walsh When it comes to aging, taking small steps can make a big difference. Aging gracefully, and with dignity, is possible if we just take care of our bodies. In this article, we will explore some of the small steps you can take today that will help you […]

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Tips For Aging Gracefully

You Are More Than A Number By John Walsh The effects of aging on the cardiovascular system can be dangerous or even fatal. As blood vessels become narrow and rigid from the loss of elasticity and valves become thick, the workload of the heart increases. The higher workload causes an increase in heart rate and […]

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Eight Diets to Consider for 2020

Eight Diets to Consider for 2020 and Beyond By John Walsh Image Source: Flickr People are obsessed with diets. They are constantly seeking the right diet to help them lose weight. There are currently eight popular diets that have worked effectively for many people and providing more options for dieting. 1. Atkins Diet focuses on […]

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You Want Extreme??

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We are Not Just Physical Beings

Are we just physical beings? Here’s something that I have discovered: In the presence of a qigong or taiji master, a layperson may feel unusual, often discomforting sensations within their body. Some may feel giddy or develop stomachaches. Yet others may feel heat brewing within them. I know several qi-gong masters, so I am familiar […]

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Aging Gracefully for Life

Tips That Will Help You Age Gracefully By John Walsh Aging occurs gradually over time. So too do some of the negative consequences that go hand in hand with the process. This, however, is a good thing. It allows time for us to make adjustments in our life that will better equip us for dealing […]

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You are the Product of a Healthy Lifestyle

On one hand, we have cosmetic companies and plastic surgeons telling us that we need to buy creams, have ourselves injected with botox or collagen; get nips, tucks, and lifts; brave the possible dangers of hormone replacement therapy and pray for a miracle. While on the other hand, the natural health approach advocates awareness of […]

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