Words of Wisdom for Thursday

A Promising Amino

L-Arginine is an incredibly effective and versatile amino acid. Anyone who is looking to improve heart health, immune system response and blood circulation, please read on.

Health, Fitnesss and Longevity – Is Anti Aging a Reality?

As old as mankind itself, is the quest for eternal youth. Is it just a wishful myth or can it be achieved? With the recent remarkable advancements in manipulation of human genes and DNA, some say it’s inevitable. But, rather than wait around, let’s look at a few things we can all be doing right now in order to look, feel and stay younger.

How Acai Berry Fights the Aging Process

Aging is a natural process that we cannot avoid. But this does not mean that all people age at the same rate. You already know that smoking, excessive alcohol drinking, and working in highly polluted environments can age your skin faster.

Osteoporosis How to Stop It – Solutions That Work

Osteoporosis is usually progressive, meaning it worsens with age. But it may be possible to stop or reverse bone mineral loss by following these recommendations.

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