We Can Live Well On Raw Fruit Alone.

Idebenone: The Modern Answer to The Fountain of Youth?

Initially developed by the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to treat Alzheimer’s disease, idebenone is best known for its possible anti-aging properties based on the free-radical theory. As we explained, this theory posits that we can prolong the life of cells, organs, and even our entire bodies if we protect mitochondria from oxidative damage during ATP production. It is for this reason that idebenone is believed to promote healthy brain and cardiovascular function. Some even use it as a topical solution to treat wrinkles. Still others claim it can improve memory and learning because it has nootropic effects. But does the science support these bold claims?

How To Stay Hungry As You Age

Hunger makes a hunter! Whether it’s business or everyday life, staying hungry is an essential quality. This article focuses on age and ageing and suggests ways to stay hungry in this important phase of life.

5 Reasons You Need a Youth Drink

Did you know that there is one of those youth drinks out there that can help you look young? Yes, you might not want to believe that there is a product out there but if you have used an age defying skin cream before you would know that these youth drinks can be pretty effective too. Did you know that age defying creams for instance can help you look a lot younger, sometimes pushing back your looks by even a decade? There are a number of ways by which this can happen and here are some of the things that you need to know.

Age Defying Serums – Do They Work?

Everybody wants to look young. However, what do you need to apply to your skin to get that rejuvenating and youthful look that you always desired? You may want to get a moisturizer to make your skin look smooth but they wouldn’t really do anything much except protect you from the sun’s rays. You can try out different skin care products as well but nothing would be as effective as this.

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