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How to Be a Superhero

You could be a Superhero. They (Superheroes) seem to be everywhere these days. If you’d like to find out whether or not you’re a Superhero, check out this article. You might even be able to add extra characteristics.

Who’s Grandma?

When a youngish woman (40’s or 50’s) referred to me as “grandma”, I couldn’t believe it. I was certain I wasn’t old enough to be her grandma. But it made me think about old age and the limits we chose to put on ourselves. How do we avoid these traps?

Why Your Skin Needs An Anti Aging Moisturizer To Combat Aging

Aging is inevitable and cannot be avoided. For some unfathomable reasons, we are all obsessed with looking young and go to extreme lengths at times to make sure our body does not display visible signs of aging to others.

How to Beat Age Effects and Look Younger

Though aging is a process that affects all of us, it’s possible to look and feel younger than your age with certain changes in your diet and lifestyle. Natural HGH supplements can also help restore your youth by enhancing growth hormone production in your body.

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