The Walnuts and Healthy Aging Study

12 Ways to Look Younger

A new year is here, and that means you’re closer to being another year older. Here is a list of ways to look younger from head to toe this year using non-invasive and effective cosmetic treatments.

5 Foods That Unclog Your Arteries – Add Years to Your Life by Keeping a Healthy Heart

When the arteries become clogged and your blood pressure rises, cholesterol begins to line the walls of inflamed blood vessels causing blood clotting plaque to take form. The following healthy foods when consumed regularly can provide enough protection to prevent this.

Ethocyn Anti Aging Molecule: Can You Get a Real Face Lift by Using an Ethocyn Wrinkle Cream?

Have you noticed more lines, wrinkles,… all these factors that impact the way you feel and the way you look as you age? Do you think the only way to the fountain of youth is by using Botox or paying a surgeon to stretch all the wrinkles of your face? In the quest for a beautiful, smooth and firm skin non invasive and non surgical face lift alternatives exist. A product, Ethocyn, has been created to mimic, or simulate, the process that naturally occurs in young skin. This article will tell you more about it.

Useful Insight to Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers refer to products that are injected into your skin to reduce scars, fill up wrinkles or remove fine lines. These fillers are an instant hit because the results are almost immediate.

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