The Psychic Pandemic is something called “Wetiko”.

Death and Dying: When?

When, specifically, do you plan to exit? If only we knew, preparations would be so much simpler. This article explores the paradox that few people want to die, yet don’t want to live for ever. Take a look.

Best Treatment for Wrinkles

As we get older we develop wrinkles – they are just a part of our life. We can’t make them disappear nor ignore them completely. Women like to maintain their youthful looks so beauty specialists have developed many anti- aging products to help women reduce wrinkles. Some products are better than others so it pays to do some research before buying any products.

Tips on How to Spot and Treat Early Signs of Skin Aging

In the past, you can only see signs of ageing such as wrinkles in people who are in their late thirties, onwards. But today, time seems to move at a much faster rate that even those who are in their twenties look much older than their age. Several factors contribute to this such as lack of sleep, mindless drinking and excessive smoking. As the cliche goes, prevention is better than cure so with this, let me share to you some tips on how to spot and treat early signs of skin ageing.

What You Should Know About Keeping Skin Aging At Bay

As we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity and bounce. This causes the skin around the eyes and mouth to sag and develop wrinkles. The pursuit of beauty is not a 21st century concept. Even in ancient times, skin care was given a lot of importance. The only difference probably was that since science had not advanced so much, maintaining healthy skin typically involved using natural products, herbs and lotions. Today, there are thousands of skin care and products for skin care that are especially formulated to give you young, healthy looking skin.

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