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Motivation And Aging

We need to ensure that we’re in the driver’s seat of our life: there are plenty of others who’d like to drive our bus. We must never let this happen. As we age, the motivation increasingly needs to come from within: we can no longer rely on someone else to motivate us. This article proposes one essential motivation strategy for people as they age.

How To Be Rich, Happy and Hot (Without a Flash) After 50

We want more: more of a rich life full of good food, relationships, love, adventure, wealth and health. We also want less: less stress, less girth around our hips, less belly bulge and jiggly upper arms, and less financial stress. We claim immunity to New Year’s resolutions, but we set goals. We recommit, albeit too aggressively, to short term bootcamps and low calorie diets. Before bootcamp and cleanses, read on.

Biomarkers of Strength As We Age

Strength training is certainly not just the young man’s exercise. Unless we do something about it by the time we reach our 70s strength and muscle tone will have declined as much as 25% from our 30s. That increases to 50% by the time we reach our 90s, again if we don’t do anything about it. As we age we might think that since we can’t increase muscle mass to a great degree, then what’s the point.

Idebenone: The Modern Answer to The Fountain of Youth?

Initially developed by the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to treat Alzheimer’s disease, idebenone is best known for its possible anti-aging properties based on the free-radical theory. As we explained, this theory posits that we can prolong the life of cells, organs, and even our entire bodies if we protect mitochondria from oxidative damage during ATP production. It is for this reason that idebenone is believed to promote healthy brain and cardiovascular function. Some even use it as a topical solution to treat wrinkles. Still others claim it can improve memory and learning because it has nootropic effects. But does the science support these bold claims?

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