The Old Fruitarian Talks The Lymphatic System

Safety First – A Senior’s Guide to Safety

When it comes to the basic necessities of life like food, water and shelter; being safe doesn’t fall far behind in what we find important. Safety usually makes us feel comfortable and allows us to live without expecting the worst to happen. For seniors, safety could mean a lot of things, ranging from having a grab bar in the shower to avoid falling, or being aware of potential phone scams.

No Excuses for Healthy Aging Exercises

As we age there are a number of so-called reasons why we put off exercise. These are in fact only excuses and they can be easily debunked. In this piece we will cite why many people as they get older stop exercising and why in effect those excuses are nonsense. Exercise as we grow older becomes even more important than when we were young. In our younger days we would get a lot of our exercise from daily work activities which no longer hold in our retirement years.

The Secret Principles of Immortality, Edition 27

Previously I have written on topics ranging from moss that grants immortality to the role technology might play in immortality. In this edition I will address immortality in relation to the question of struggle, and its psychological justification. To be specific, the question of whether one can justify immortality seems to depend unfairly on one’s ability to cope with life in the present moment.

The Wonders of Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranite juice explained, with its uses and benefits described, we look at the nutrients within the pomegranite, their potential health benefits and how to consume pomegranites. This article also includes a great smoothie recipe to make at home.

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