The Old Fruitarian On Winter and Holiday Memories

The Boomer Back Pain Prevention Guide

Lower back pain isn’t just a normal part of aging you have to accept. Find out how you can avoid it before it happens. Find out how to prevent it from returning if you’ve had an episode already. Above all, approach your back care with fresh eyes. It can be a symptom and not the problem.

How to Tone Your Facial Muscles for a Younger Appearance

So, you’ve seen plenty of ways to artificially achieve a youthful appearance. Here’s a way to do it naturally.

Are You Getting Old Too Soon?

I was talking to a group of very interesting doctors who are working on the cutting edge of medicine. They are committed to slowing down the aging process and eliminating and preventing age-related disease. The topic of discussion was “What else can be done to improve the quality of life and increase the length of our existence?

Finding Money at Your Feet

A few days ago I was walking by the ocean and on my way back home I saw an empty plastic bottle in the sand. Unfortunately, there is a lot of plastic that washes up on shore every day. Whenever I find trash on the beach I’ll stop to clean it up.

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